DA BRUXA personal care products are created in small handmade batches using only natural, minimally processed, organic ingredients - most of which we grow in our own medicinal herb garden. We include no extraneous emulsifiers or preservatives so every ingredient that goes into a formula enhances its therapeutic purpose.

These luxurious and gently exfoliating scrubs double as reparative masques. Each is a blend of refining whole grains, nourishing seeds, restorative herbs, and cleansing natural clay. For optimum potency and freshness, they are packaged dry -- just add a little water or tea per use. Three antioxidant formulations:
Echinacea & Myrrh - deeply cleansing, healing and antimicrobial, with purifying charcoal
Rose & Fennel Seed - clarifying, rejuvinating and toning, with lavender and nourishing jojoba
Chamomile & Clay - soothing, refining and moisturizing, with emollient fenugreek


Moist, penetrating, and protective lip balms packed with nourishing botanicals. Tinted or untinted and in three flavors:
Rosewood, Coriander and Bergamot Vanilla


Nourishing and beautiful, this is a soft lip balm that delivers shine, protection, and a deep natural blush.
Rose scented, with a witchy kiss of Geranium.


Smooth this warming, protective balm on your cheeks before exposing them to the dry winter winds. It's a great spot moisturizer head to toe, Winter surf/sport balm, or "airplane barrier".  


All natural talc-free body powder made of clay, arrowroot, and gentle, protective, and antiseptic botanicals.



HERBAL DEODORANT                             With botanical extracts and essential oils to block odor-causing bacteria. Glass atomizer bottle.


Organic sun dried loofah. Grown in the USA by
DA BRUXA Restoratives.

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THERAPEUTIC HERBAL SOAK & STEAM Botanical baths and steams are age old methods of absorbing herbs' medicinal benefits. We've blended our favorite herbs and minerals into three body-healing soaks that double as restorative facial steams:
Rosemary & Juniper - a soothing, warming bath for sore and tired bodies; and a head- and pore-clearing facial steam. With soaking salts and kelp.
Chamomile & Rose - a calming, nourishing bath for dry or irritated skin and nerves; and a refining, moisturizing facial steam. With oatmeal and marshmallow root.
Chaparral & Sage - a clarifying, detoxifying bath for out of balance bodies; a cleansing, antifungal hand and foot soak; and an astringent, antimicrobial facial steam. With sea salt and clay cakes.


SPRAIN & BRUISE REMEDY OIL Massage this warming, pain relieving oil into bruises, minor injuries, and sore and tired muscles.


A powerful, concentrated blend of botanical extracts and organic essential oils that instantly relieves irritation while absorbing deep to help skin heal up scar-free. A savior for itchy, ouchy insect bites and stings and inopportune brushes with unfriendly plants!


A gentle, calming salve, infused with chamomile and marshmallow to heal and soothe irritated, delicate, or sensitive skin. Excellent for diaper rash and nursing mothers. 


This salve is formulated to heal skin disorders and restore texture and balance. It penetrates deep to set your skin straight with an herbal boost to your immune system and nerve endings. With all-healing, anti-bacterial neem.  Anti-fungal too!


A rich all-healing body balm for dry, chapped or injured skin; made with antioxidant, emollient, and reparative herbs and botanical oils. A friend to knuckles, elbows and other places that tend to get scratched and scraped.

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